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Located right in the heart of Munich, our office is easily accessible by public transport all year round. But this location is particularly handy at one special time of year: we’re conveniently close to Oktoberfest.

INTO Branding Munich

Landshuter Allee 10
80637 Munich

T: +49 89 5528 614-0
F: +49 89 5528 614-10

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Moeller IP

moeller IP is a legal advisory specialized in intellectual property and with the aim to protect ideas. Based in Germany but with its roots and almost a century of experience in Latin America, moeller felt qualified to tackle emerging market economies on a global scale.

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The Kaffeegruppe (“Coffee Group”) is a family-owned business offering coffee machines for rental, leasing, and sale. In a very competitive environment, the Kaffeegruppe entered the market as a small family-run business. Despite being experts in the coffee business for many years, the Kaffeegruppe brand had to start as a newcomer after separating from the old family business – a David in a world of Goliaths.

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Kandaka Naturals is not just one of the first eco-friendly cosmetic brands founded in Germany born in Rwanda. They are the first with the mission of ending period poverty. With every bar of soap sold, Kandaka Naturals sponsors reusable sanitary pads for schoolgirls in Rwanda allowing them to go to school during their periods. Moreover, the team promotes a zero-waste lifestyle and women empowerment.

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Street Chefs

Street Chefs are the first chain of stationary food trucks in Bulgaria. What sets them apart is their love for quality and passion for the freshest ingredients. Street Chefs believe in the greatness of authentic street food – genuine and served with special care and attention.

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